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"When I Get That Feeling I Want Sexual Healing"

“And when I get that feeling, I want sexual healing…..”

Lyrics from Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” released in 1982 when I was 12. No wonder I feel like I grew up with this song!

If you haven’t heard it, listen now……. Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing (Official HD Video)

It’s a great song, but what is sexual healing?

We know that sex has the capacity to make us feel amazing.

We know that sex can light us up from the inside and make us glow all over.

We know that when we have great sex we walk taller and feel more confident.

But how exactly does sex heal us? Is this even a thing?

Yes it is - sexual healing is a thing.

Your sexual energy is your life force energy - it is the energy that creates life. And the energy that creates life also re-creates life. When you move sexual/life force energy around your body you are assisting your body with the ongoing process of healing and renewal.

You can activate and move your sexual energy on your own or with a partner. Conscious sex practices are really powerful tools for healing.

And there’s more…..

Our genitals have corresponding pressure points, so when Marvin Gaye sings, “Open up and let me in….heal me darling…” he is onto something.

Consider the erect shaft of a penis. Starting from the base, imagine concentric rings going around the shaft from the base where the penis attaches to the body, all the way to the glans at the tip of the penis.

Each of these rings corresponds to a different area of the body and as you apply pressure to these different points all the way up the shaft of the cock, you are actually sending healing energy to different areas of the body.

This is awesome enough in itself! I love knowing that when I apply gentle pressure to the shaft of a cock with my hands, mouth or vagina I am sending healing energy to different parts of my man’s body.

And it gets better - the vagina has corresponding pressure points.

So when, in the words of Marvin Gaye, she opens up and lets him in, BOTH parties are healed. The pressure points on the shaft line up with the pressure points in the vagina and activated sexual energy moves between our bodies for healing.

Our bodies are just so much more magical than we know or understand. Through the simple and pleasurable act of penetration there is incredible potential for healing. Just the quiet presence of the penis inside the vagina initiates healing, when a man consciously penetrates a woman, both parties are being healed in that action.

Sexual healing happens most effectively in the stillness, so it’s less about “Wham bam thank you ma’am” and actually an invitation to take a break from the frantic, friction building action we usually associate with penetrative sex.

Sexual healing happens when the penis rests inside the vagina, when it takes some time to feel and to be held as the vagina moves around it - that’s when our bodies truly connect and our energies have the space to move between us.

Does the penis have to be erect? No, it doesn’t. Soft penetration is just as powerful for sexual healing as hard penetration and is probably way more effective than hot and urgent penetration when male sexual energy has become fixated on the goal of ejaculation leading to rapid movements.

To get the maximum healing from sex, you need to slow down, relax, surrender and allow - allow for your bodies to share a unique experience without any goal or performance criteria.

Do you have to be conscious of this healing power, in order to give it? Probably not, but I do know that whatever you give your awareness to you are going to increase the power of. So when you're aware of the true healing potential of your genitals you are going to be so much more powerful in your healing, because you have an awareness of what you're doing.

This is what is meant by conscious sexuality. When you wrap your body around a man's cock knowing it's not just about mutual pleasure but with the knowledge that you are healing the whole of your body and his, your experience of sex is going to change.

And equally, when you penetrate a woman, conscious of what you're doing, conscious of your healing power, conscious that you are giving healing as well as love, as well as connection, as well as presence; it completely transforms your understanding and awareness of the potential of this sexual experience with your partner.

So the next time you have penetrative, penis into vagina, sex try doing so with this additional consciousness. Notice -

Where is this energy going?

How is the energy moving from his cock into my body?

How is my energy moving into him?

Experience that moment - the melting, the joining, and also the mutual healing, and be aware of how beautiful, precious, incredible and magical our bodies are.

There is just so much wisdom in the way our bodies are created so that they can meet, awaken, join and heal together.

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