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Since working with Camilla I am:

  • More confident talking about sex with my partner – both outside of the bedroom and during sex

  • Able to orgasm more frequently, more easily and more enjoyably

  • Aware that my sexual experience is an ongoing process and I am excited for how things will continue to develop.

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Client Stories


"Wow!  It has been absolutely incredible working with you Camilla.  I am so grateful.  I felt a little trepidation as you know but you are so caring and made it really easy to explore all of these subjects.  I feel I have had some major breakthroughs through this process and that things

will never be the same again - in a good way!


I (we!) want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and the heart of my bottom ;-) You have really changed things for us and our connection is really deepening, as is my own connection with myself.  It was an eye opening and life changing experience and I would highly recommend you

and your process to anyone!"


“Working with Camilla gave me a whole new perspective on sex and pleasure. I can now relax into sexual experiences with my partner, really knowing and believing that the ways I find pleasure are beautiful and divine and that pleasure itself is beautiful and divine, and it’s all OK, really OK!  Camilla’s gentle manner made it easier than I imagined to confront my fears, as she held me purposefully and kindly through the process.


Before working with Camilla I had pretty much written off experiencing orgasm, finding it difficult and also sometimes utterly terrifying to (let myself) go over the edge. I had sort of accepted it as my reality, and really didn’t even know that I could get help with it. I grew up with sex being one of those things that doesn’t get spoken about and in my previous relationships that pattern continued, so the idea of addressing the issues and changing things was really alien to me. Realising that Camilla’s superpower is helping women understand themselves sexually, helping women celebrate their sexuality and pleasure, and helping women orgasm was incredible! Things are very different now. Orgasm is pretty much a regular occurrence, and I am so much more relaxed and able to engage in

pleasure seeking activity!"


I've had a really busy 4 years. I opened my own business, started teaching and was really looking forward to coasting for a while. Felt like the time had come that I would be able to kickback and have a bit more fun. Life has a funny interpretation of kickback and relax.  I sidelined myself after a shoulder injury. This kept me away from work for a while AND my favorite kickboxing class. I gained 40lbs. A year flew by and I paused to take look at my life - this was my rude awakening...and this was not fun! This wasn't the life I wanted.

That hard look at my life reminded me that I could not D.I.Y. this, I could not get by with "just good enough" and I definitely needed outside help.  Before the despair had time to sink it's roots my colleague mentioned Camilla’s work and I signed up right away. Camilla's first email to me was full of enthusiasm and it was a breath of fresh air. I felt really good about her and I hadn't even met her yet. She and I are in totally different continents so we found a mutually convenient time to have an online Zoom/skype meeting. This was very convenient for me. I didn't have to leave my house or put on make up. It was a "come as you are" party with my new friend Camilla.

We spoke about core desires and the 5 senses reality. This was new for me, except for my business plan I'd never really envisioned something in this kind of detail. We always start sessions with three celebrations and I found her celebrations to be very inspiring to me. She gave me a new way to hear my inside voice and a new way to filter self doubt thoughts. I really especially like how she asked me to see it as though the thoughts were all welcome at my round table but they would not be necessary or helpful. There was one guided meditation that made me weep. She asked me to say "I love you Becky." to myself and it was like all my cells vibrated at once. I didn't know how much I needed that!!!

I will continue to work with Camilla. She is so smart, she is so lovely, she is so kind, and she is so keen to do this important work. She shows up for me every session and I feel so genuinely looked after and I get great homework too.

I say this with greatest thanks and with so much respect!

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Camilla Constance - The Libido Coach.

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“Working with Camilla was an eye opening and life changing experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone!”

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