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"It is my mission to reconnect people.

To themselves and

to each other"




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Our culture is soaked in it, you can barely open a magazine or turn on the TV without sex staring you in the face. 


Sex is used relentlessly to sell us things but this cultural saturation doesn’t seem to be making sex any better for us. 


When it's good, sex makes us feel amazing, it nourishes us and it nourishes our relationships. But too often it is not good. For many of us sex has become a bit of a minefield, a barrier to intimacy rather than the joy it could be.


When the magic of the honeymoon hormones wears off we find ourselves a bit lost about how to maintain or recreate the passion and connection we once had.


Busy with life and tired from too many demands on our energies we become increasingly isolated from our partners. Sex becomes something we fear rather than something we yearn for.  


Our self confidence, our relationships and our well being all suffer. We can live without good sex, but we can't thrive.


The Problem

  • Does sex feel like the elephant in the room in your relationship? 


  • Do you and your partner have incompatible libidos?


  • Are you struggling with too much or too little desire?


  • Have you lost body confidence and fear your partner's demands?


  • Are you scared that either you or your partner are going to have an affair?

You are not alone, modern life has bred an epidemic of sexual unhappiness and "dysfunction".  


At a time when sexual information has never been easier to access, huge numbers of us are reporting dissatisfaction with sex that does not make our soul sing.  

Hi , I’m Camilla Constance,

I am a sex and intimacy coach working with men, women and couples.

I believe that sex is profoundly important to us all. Sex can bond us deeply in our relationships but sadly, is often the reason we fall apart. Sex is both our greatest joy and our greatest pain.  Sexual intimacy just isn't as easy as we assumed it would be.


My mission is to reconnect people, to themselves and to each other. Really beautiful sex is accessible to us all. Great sex is not something you have to earn, it is your birth-right. Maybe it is time you reclaimed it?

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The Solution

I am so delighted to share TWO beautiful gifts with you today: 

A Meditation for Anchoring LOVE, SAFETY and BELONGING in Your Body




A Meditation to EMPOWER Your ENERGY BODY

We have received so many unhelpful messages about sex that it can be difficult for us to connect with our bodies and feel sensation within. 


When our bodies become heavy and de-sensitised sex loses it’s magic and, rather than being an experience that lights us up and fills us with bliss, it becomes a dreaded chore.


These meditations gently re-programme your body to relax, surrender and reconnect to all the sensation and pleasure that is ready and waiting to re-awaken within you. 


  • Every human being is the most divinely sensual being, at our core we are pure love, joy and bliss. 


  • These meditations are offered to help you on your journey to reconnect to your core, your original essence.


  • Establish love, safety and belonging in your own body so that you are able to relax and surrender into more pleasure, more bliss, more sensation…..and yes, more orgasm! 


  • Grow your awareness of sensation inside your body so that you are able to consciously move and build energy within you, nourishing your every cell.


  • Feel younger, more energised, more confident, more alive and more turned on in every area of your life!


Know that you are not broken, know that all that you really want is already within you, you just need to learn how to access it. 

"Everything is about sex. Except sex. Sex is about power." (Frank Underwood - House of Cards)


When 'power' is understood as 'power over' then sex becomes part of the power game between two people, a power game that ultimately drives them apart. We are highly conditioned to use sex to exert or gain power over each other (either by taking it or denying it). 

To me this is an incredibly sad distortion of human sexuality and doesn't have to be true.

When we reclaim our true sexual power, understanding it as a 'power within', sex becomes something we share to develop and deepen the power of our connection with ourselves and with our partners. 

 It's my role to help you reconnect to your power within.


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Since working with Camilla I am:

1. More confident talking about sex with my partner – both outside of the bedroom and during sex.

2. Able to orgasm more frequently, more easily and more enjoyably.

3. Aware that my sexual experience is an ongoing process and I am excited for how things will continue to develop.

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"Camilla’s superpower is helping women understand themselves sexually; helping women celebrate their sexuality and pleasure"

Lets Talk

If you would like more help with reconnecting to pleasure and sensation in your body so that you feel alive again, I would love to invite you to book a completely

complementary & confidential call with me: 


YAY!!! Your free gift is on its way to you. Please check your mailbox or spam


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