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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anais Nin

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“Working with Camilla gave me a whole new perspective on sex and pleasure. I can now relax into sexual experiences with my partner”

It is not our fault that sex is so often unsatisfying, uncomfortable or even painful. Many of us simply turn away from what we think is an optional extra in life, telling ourselves, our friends and our partners that we are too old, too busy or too something else to “bother with all that nonsense”.


The problem is, it isn’t nonsense. Women are deeply sexual beings, rejecting sex is a rejection of the intimacy, connection and heady biochemicals that make our lives joyous. And rejecting sex inside a relationship is almost always experienced as a rejection by our partner, who’s pain then locks horns with our pain and our relationship, rather than being a place of safety and intimacy becomes another source of stress, loneliness and unhappiness.


Whilst it may not be our fault, we can choose to take responsibility. We can take the reins and make sex a different experience for ourselves, our partners and our relationships. And it’s way easier than you may think.


What if I were to tell you that everything you desire most in life, all the biggies (happiness, joy, freedom, abandonment, pleasure, deep love), are locked inside a box or a secret garden, right here, under your nose, and all you need is the key? 


What if I were to tell you that I can show you the key with which I unlocked my life’s true potential? Maybe you have voices in your head that are telling you that opening the lid of the box or peaking through the gate into the garden is dangerous and forbidden? I want to reassure you that it is safe, you ARE allowed to do this and if you are here, it is probably time.


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  • Let go of the gunk that currently stops you from feeling pleasure in your body. From shame and pain to critical voices in your head; it’s time to lovingly release anything that prevents you from truly loving your vagina and enjoying sex.


  • And then you need to learn how to truly please your body. It’s all very well getting rid of old gunk, but if having got rid of all that gunk you simply install new gunk by having more rubbish sex, you’re back in the same place, right? Let me repeat, women’s bodies are designed for pleasure. We have the most exquisitely sensitive and erotic bodies, probably of any species on the planet. It is time to light them up with femme-centric sex.


  • As you release and relearn you gently reprogramme your body and mind to feel safe with increasing amounts of pleasure and awakening energy. It’s the experiences you didn’t choose that have made your sex uncomfortable, painful and shameful for you. By consciously choosing new experiences and thoughts you will gently reprogramme your capacity for pleasure.

It really is that simple. You are not broken. You are not too old or too anything, You are totally worthy of a life filled with sparkle, laughter, happiness, joy and love. You deserve to live a life with a happy vagina who is honoured by good (even incredible) sex! 


Yes, it is an act of courage to heal long held pain. It is an act of courage to dare to challenge deeply held societal beliefs about female bodies and female sexual pleasure. Women have been so brave about so much for so long on their own.  You don’t have to be on your own with this any longer. 


Allow me to be your champion, to believe in your transformation and right to pleasure. Allow me to guide you home to safety, intimacy, joy, sparkle and love.

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