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There is Nothing More Beautiful Than Divine Masculine Released

I hear the term “toxic masculine” a lot.

And I think there is a lot of what I would term toxic masculine energy on the planet right now.

A very aggressive, warrior type energy, with a very narrow sense of what masculine is allowed to be, especially when it comes to sex.

And there's also a lot of female victimhood around the term.

A corresponding sense of the feminine as weak and put upon, feminine as a passive, hapless victim. There is a deeply conditioned helplessness, an attitude of “What can we do? They’re toxic, they need to change.”

If we cast ourselves as passive victims in this saga our role is to get angry, draw up our defences and declare all men as dangerous abusers. It doesn’t strike me as a very empowered role and it doesn’t help me co-create beautiful relationships with the men in my life, my lovers (and my sons).

I think our role is actually way bigger and more profound than most people are talking about.

I think ALL women have the potential power to guide men out of the darkness they are stuck in and back into the light.

And the means we have to do this is the very power we had forcibly removed from us over hundreds and thousands of years: our sexuality.

The imbalance of energies on the planet is no-one’s fault.

Men are no more to blame for being conditioned to snatch and grab sex than women are to blame for shaming and shutting down our sexuality.

Once we acknowledge that ALL humans have been shut down and repressed (in gender specific ways) for thousands of years, we are better placed to be allies in healing as we reclaim what has been programmed out of us.

We can make our relationships places of beautiful sexual healing for ourselves and our male partners. So that inside of our relationships our men are finally safe to remove the toxic masculine mask they wear and reconnect with their divine masculine.

I have always believed that people are encouraged to change more effectively when their good is reflected back to them rather than when they are constantly shown how wrong we are.

Heterosexual women in relationships have the incredible power to bring this era of toxic masculinity on the planet to an end, not by hating and rejecting the men in our lives, but by drawing them closer and being huge, fierce believers in them.

By inviting them into a deeply safe place, filled with so much joy and pleasure and bliss where we can all finally drop the heavy baggage we were conditioned to carry.

I know women can be the leaders in this.

There has been such powerful work amongst women on the planet over the last century. And now is the time in which us feminists allow ourselves to say, “I am a feminist, and I love cock.”

And because I am a feminist I am going to stand in my most divine, feminist, sexual power and guide the cock in my life to a much more beautiful place.

Men are currently stuck.

We have been so busy saving ourselves that we have forgotten our allies and even confused them as our enemies.

They are not our enemies. They are lost souls who want and need to be guided out of the toxic prison they are trapped in. They don't want to be there. They don't want to remain stuck and disconnected.

They want to be welcomed home, they want to be close to us. They want to be inside a beautiful, sassy, sexy, yummy container of orgasm, joy, pleasure, sexuality.

They want what we want - more connection, more passion, more intimacy and more love.

My invitation to you is to use your beautiful, deeply sexual feminine powers to welcome your men home.


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