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The Power of Connection is in Your Hands

Don’t we all want a deeper connection during sex?

Maybe you feel that sex is a bit devoid of emotion or you don't feel deeply connected to your partner?

Maybe you go through the motions, but are left feeling rather empty?

I would like to invite you to reconnect with the power of touch.

We're so fixated on “sex” meaning penetration (and male ejaculation), that we miss out on beautiful opportunities for deep connection and incredible sexual sensation.

We are deeply brainwashed into thinking that “sex” is penetration and everything else that brings us pleasure, arousal and even orgasm is something other, something we foolishly dismiss as “foreplay”.

Foreplay is such a hideously misleading word!

It has conditioned us into seeing so much of sex as only a warm up for the main event; dismissing what for many of us is the BEST PART of sex as something we do before we move onto “real sex.”

Let’s reclaim our sex and re-word foreplay as “outer” play or even sex!

Why? Because outer play is an incredible opportunity for really, really deep connection with ourselves and our partner.

And it’s when we are deeply connected that sex moves from ok to sensational.

Yes, penetration can be a deeply, deeply connected, sensational experience, but it's only deeply connected if you are already connected.

It is perfectly possible to penetrate someone over and over and over again, but if you're not already in a place of connection, the experience is going to be, at best, empty and disappointing or worse, it's going to be slightly abusive or even very abusive.

My route to deeply connected, passionate, sensational sex is through my hands….let me explain…..

Right in the centre of your palms you have a heart opening point which means when you touch yourself, or another person with the palm of your hand, you are actually activating and opening your heart.

When you stroke your partner, when you massage them with your hands, you are doing more than just giving them amazing pleasure - you're also opening your heart to the experience.

Can you see how by consciously using the palms of your hands on your partner’s body you are opening yourself up to a deeply heart-connected experience?

So deeply connected, loving, heart-centered sex, blissfully sensual experiences in which you feel sexual energy surging around your bodies, are actually really simple.

You don't have to learn anything.

All you have to do is oil up your hands and move them all around your partner's body. Blissful for them and deeply connecting for you both. You may even find that this becomes your very favourite type of sex.

And you don't need to be in partnership to experience heart-connected sex. Experience connecting with your own body during self pleasure practices simply by moving your palms over your body, activating your whole sensational body and giving yourself so much heart connected pleasure.


Enjoy this really simple path to so much more deeply passionate, connected, desirous, intimate lovemaking.


For those that don't know me and want to know more, take a look at my Website, YouTube and Facebook

Photo byPhotos by Lanty onUnsplash

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