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Do THIS for More Sensational Sex!

Updated: May 20, 2021

Do you yearn to experience sex that feels deeper & more connected?

Sex that you enjoy more, that you feel more, that is more orgasmic?

Sex that has more energy & more excitement; the kind of sex that leaves you pulsating with life for hours afterwards?

I want to share with you that to experience more of this kind of sex it’s probably less about changing what you do....

And much, much more about changing your intention about how you are going to experience sex.

In the West we haven't really thought about or brought intentionality into our sex practice.

It's not really what we do. We kind of just have sex, expect it to be amazing, hope for the best and then feel either great or a bit disappointed afterwards.

I am going to suggest that we can completely change our experience of sex by being very intentional about what it is we want to experience before we have sex.

It may be that your intention is to have the greatest orgasm of all time.

It may be that you want to feel safe and held.

It may be that you want to feel deep, deep love for your partner.

It may be that you want to dance in the light and feel connected to Source energy.

It may be that you want to connect with your body at a much deeper level to feel energy and sensation that you haven't experienced before.

You can honestly get as creative as you like.

You may have the same intent as your partner, or they may be different.

You may have the same intent whether you are enjoying partner sex or self pleasure on your own. Or it may vary and change.

What is important is that you set your intent on what you desire out of this specific experience before you go into the experience.

And then you surrender to it.

Rather than thinking I must do X,Y,Z, trust and allow the experience to unfold.

Rather than being very in your head and thinking what have I got to do? What’s the next item on the checklist? Pay so much more ATTENTION to every moment of the experience.

Keep your focus on every sensation you are experiencing inside your body: to what you can feel moving around your body, on what you can hear, what you can smell, what you can taste.

Open up all of your senses to the whole experience, and keep coming back to what you're feeling inside of your body right now.

Can you feel your sexual energy being activated?

Where can you feel your sexual energy moving?

What happens if you add breath to that sexual energy?

Can you spread that energy with your breath and attention?

When you move your body or allow it to make its own sounds what happens to the energy?

What happens to the sensation as you drop more and more and more into the experience?

If you want more passionate, more explosive, more amazing, more connected sexual experiences, consider your intent and then pay attention!

And have fun!


For those that don't know me and want to know more, take a look at my Website, YouTube and Facebook

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