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Cunt - Most Offensive or Most Powerful Word in the English Language?

When my oldest son was about 7 or 8 his very best friend came to spend the night. A few days later he asked me a question, “Mummy, what does cunt mean?”

I was a bit taken aback. Cunt is a small enough word, and if you say it without judgement it is actually quite pleasant to say - it rolls off the tongue in a very satisfying way.

But cunt carries a lot of baggage.

In many countries it is simply the most shocking and unacceptable word you can utter.

In others it is the most derogatory word you can use against someone.

And it’s not the kind of word you expect to hear out of your young child’s mouth!

But it’s one of “my” words so I was able to calmly explain that it’s a very ancient word for a woman’s “vagina”. I explained that whilst I love the word, most people don’t and that he had to be careful where he used it - for example he didn’t want to say it in front of someone “Like Gammy”.

At which point his face reddened and he told me he had already asked her!

Poor kid - he was so worried that he had broken a rule and upset my mother, by asking what a little word meant.

Cunt carries that kind of baggage.

Many people I know have physical reactions to it. They are physically upset when they hear c-u-n-t joined together.

And I am on a mission to reclaim this gorgeous little word.

Pause reading for a moment and roll the word around on your tongue. It starts with my favourite sound “C” rolls through “U” and into “NT” - do it, say the sounds and notice how satisfying they feel when rolled in this order in your mouth.

Now notice how close “Cunt” is to “Kind”. It’s not a mistake - they share a common etymology. Which makes sense doesn’t it? I mean cunts are kind.

Cunt is more than kind. Cunt is divine. Cunt is exquisite.

And the reason why this harmless little word carries so much negative baggage is because it is our word.

Do you really think that a word that describes the whole of a woman’s genitalia is as disparaged as it is by accident?

The very best way to control the power of women is to take our power from us. This has been done in numerous ways, one of which is to take our words.

To claim back our power we have to claim back our words.

And cunt, as the word with the most powerful negative energy associated with it, is the most powerful word to reclaim.

Maybe if more women knew that cunt is the oldest word women have used to describe their entire genitalia, (the vaginal canal, g-spot, cervix vulva, clitoris) and that it is derived from the ancient goddess Kunti (Hindu goddess of fertility and wisdom) they would feel differently about it?

Maybe if more women knew that the word “vagina” translates literally as “sheath for a sword” they would reject this “accurate” word in favour of the word that once celebrated and honoured the wisdom of our bodies and didn’t dismiss them as merely a place for a warrior to keep his sword?

Maybe if more men learned to use the word cunt with respect and reverence when worshipping our cunts, instead of weaponising the word to disparage and assault each other, then they would find they have much happier and more open cunts in the bedroom??

Cunt is a powerful and ancient word for our bodies linking us back to a time when our bodies were revered as The Goddess incarnate.

Cunt reminds us that our sexual bodies are the goddess in us.

Cunt reminds us that our sexuality is our power, our beauty, our divinity.

Cunt is our portal to the divine.

When we have succeeded in reclaiming this word as a powerful, sacred, divine female word I believe we will have regained our true power.

Cunt is such an intrinsic part of what it is to be a woman, reclaiming our word is part of the process of stepping into our positions as truly powerful women on this planet.

Since the beginning of time women have used the powerful word cunt to refer to our bodies and the power in our bodies. Cunt is our word, our power and our link to The Goddess.

It seems pretty clear to me that it serves other people to shut us off from the power of the language associated with our bodies.

Of course it makes sense to shame the word cunt when cunt is our power.

I think it's time to reclaim it.

And if we’re in the business of reclaiming words (which we are) then I am going to suggest we reclaim our most ancient and most powerful word: CUNT.

There have been moves in recent times to reclaim the word “Pussy”’s a good start, but my feeling is that my cunt is way too powerful to be called a pussy.

My cunt is a lioness who wants to be respected, worshipped and allowed to roar.

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Photo by Camilla of her print of "CUNT" by the brilliant Caroline Coon

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