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Are You Happy Being a Robot?

We are not robots! And yet we too often treat our bodies like machines.

As humans we have been conditioned out of honouring, loving and celebrating our human-ness, our humanity, our divinity, our sexuality, all of which is tied together in a beautiful package.

We have allowed ourselves to be convinced that our magnificent bodies are here to do little more than function and serve a purpose.

And our purpose is essentially quite material - it's filled with objectives about acquiring and consuming. Human evolution has been reduced to a bigger house, bigger car, bigger wardrobe and bigger, more exotic travels.

In the consumer model that governs all of our lives, we fail to recognise and appreciate the preciousness of what's right in front of us and the preciousness of who we are.

In our desire to endlessly acquire more, we exploit everything around us, including our own bodies.

Our programmed, default position is to treat our divine bodies like machines, to treat ourselves and others in our lives as mere robots.

I ask you, who does this serve?

We end up depleted, drained, exhausted when we live a life as robots. Because we aren’t robots.

We are souls incarnated into human form to experience the full joy of life inside a human body. An integral part of that life is our sexuality - our bodies are highly sensual, sensitive and sexual for a reason!

To connect with our humanity, to live lives as humans not robots, involves connecting with, making friends with, honouring, cherishing and celebrating our sexuality.

A first important step is to set aside intentional time to honour your body, honour your sexuality and then honour your partner’s body and sexuality. This can be done together in one space or you can set aside different amounts of time to reconnect with your own sacredness and then with your partner’s sacredness.

Sex can be a spontaneous happening between two people, but believing that sex has to be spontaneous severely limits our sexual experience. It removes the opportunity for us to be intentional - to create intentional time, intentional space, intentional thoughts and intentional energies for our sexual experiences.

Instead of waiting for a surge of chemicals to jolt you out of your robotic existence, how about choosing to create the sexual experiences you deeply desire?

There is so much richness in setting a deeply sacred intent before you have sex (with yourself or with your partner).

Try it. Think about what you would most like to experience in your sex and then make that your intent.

You may want to feel safe in your body when you feel your partner’s touch.

You may want to feel the divine within you.

You may want to feel deeply connected to your partner.

You may want to feel your sexual energy moving up and around your body, connecting your heart, mind and spirit to your sexuality.

You may want to experience wave upon wave of oceanic orgasm.

You may want to feel wild and free in the experience.

You may want to laugh and cry and release locked-in emotions.

You may want to feel deep, deep love in your body and for your body.

You may want to finally connect with your true magnificence.

You may want to feel like the goddess or god that you are.

You may want to feel like a human rather than a robot.

Can you see how this completely changes our concept of what makes good sex?

Can you see that by setting an intent before the experience you lift the experience from the merely physical, material domain into a spiritual domain?

Sex then becomes your path to enlightenment.

Sex becomes your road back home to humanity

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