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Masturbation May Have Killed Your Libido.. Self Pleasure Will Re-Build it

How is self pleasure different to masturbation?

Is self pleasure just a fancy word for masturbation?

Is there really a difference?

Not really….. and YES!!! - there is a significant difference.

And the difference is about intent.

The difference is what do you want out of the experience? and how are you entering into the experience?

Masturbation is essentially about an outcome. You masturbate to bring yourself to climax, to release pent up energy, to bring your body to orgasm, to come.

Masturbation has a goal. It is a linear activity with a distinct beginning, middle and end.

Self pleasure is free of goals and has a more circular or spiral energy to it. You enter self pleasure from a place of curiosity, open-mindedness, from a place of allowing whatever is going to show up to show up. It is not unusual to find yourself going round and round, deeper and deeper into the experience.

It is about the journey not the destination.

A self pleasure practice involves becoming very conscious of your sexual energy inside your body, and using your awareness to move your energy up and around your body. You don’t just build the energy rapidly and then watch it escape from you, you build the energy and then spend time playing in it and with it.

As you learn to consciously move sexual energy around your body it literally hums and vibrates with life. It may build up to an orgasm and it may just be a journey with your energy, you may just allow your energy to move within you nourishing your bones, your muscles, your organs….every single cell of your body.

Self pleasure is essentially a practice of self love, self healing and self nourishment rather than a just a short moment of gratification.

Is it pleasurable? Absolutely.

Is it difficult? Not at all. Our bodies are incredibly sensual and sexual; they are designed to feel, and heal, with pleasure.

Ultimately, a self pleasure practice is about reconnecting to the energy of who you are, to your soul, your divinity; your original, innocent sexual essence.

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