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Be Honest, Do You LOVE His Balls?

Do you want to give your man the most beautiful empowering treat that is going to completely enhance him?

Grow his love and acceptance for himself?

Invigorate his sexual energy & build levels of testosterone in his body?

And make him feel deeply loved and cherished by you?

I would love for you to try testicle massage.

Men can do this on their own, and it’s a beautiful self-love practice, but here I am really talking to women.

I want to suggest that you keep testicle massage as a regular treat in your toolkit, something you can use when you want to deeply honour, love, worship and cherish your man.

Testicle massage is something I teach as part of my Lingam Mastery programme.

It's incredibly intimate, and incredibly exquisite for a man to receive this beautiful massage.

Yes, it is really loving and healthy for him to massage his own testicles, but just as you know the difference between loving your own vulva and someone else worshipping you, it is exactly the same for him.

Lying back and receiving pleasure, just adds a whole other level of beauty and yumminess to it. And it is so, so, so powerful for men to sometimes lie back and receive.

Testicle massage builds testosterone, stimulating and activating this very powerful hormone in men. And it’s also really deeply loving, cherishing connecting, it is so intimate.

And blissfully pleasurable. I think women are sometimes quite surprised by how much pleasure men actually get from ‘outer play’ (I think men are too!)

It’s not unusual for women to find male genitalia scary, foreign or even slightly repulsive. It’s not a body part we are very familiar with and few of us ever learn to look on them with love and fondness.

Which is part of the reason I love this practice so, so, so much. It heals a wound in women to learn to love this incredibly soft and delicate part of a man, and we are not the only ones healing.

For men who are used to women averting their gaze, and never actually looking at their testicles or their cocks, it is incredibly beautiful and loving, to be really looked at, to be held, to feel your balls in the palms of someone, someone's hands, to feel fingers, just tickling them and moving across them really gently.

It's such an exquisite, gentle, stimulating, erotic, sensual massage.

And the thing I'm always talking about with women, is that if we want men to handle us with more honour, respect, and love, to cherish us and our bodies, one of the most effective ways to receive this is to give it.

The more we can step into this powerful place of loving and honouring, our men with delicacy, sensitivity, sensuality and eroticism, the more likely we are to receive the touch that we yearn for in return.

When he feels your gentle touch, your fingers, your palms, the oily lusciousness of the sensation over his testicles moving up over the shaft down across the perineum and possibly sweeping around his anal rose as you incorporate the whole of this region into a really, really sensual massage he is going to be in complete bliss and learn how to pleasure your body in return.

Testicle massage is a completely divine experience. Having someone honour you, respect you and love you in this way, is simply divine.

It's deeply connecting.

It's deeply loving.

It's just the best.


For those that don't know me and want to know more, take a look at my Website, YouTube and Facebook

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